Science, Cultural Values, and Ethics

By Priya Venkatesan Hays.

Published by Science in Society, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing

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Given the various crisis points in contemporary science, Science, Cultural Values, and Ethics presents a clearly argued and strikingly original case examining the interface between science and ethics. Grounded in the relevant literatures of scientific ethnography and literary theory, the book explores how ethics can be integrated into science from its inception in laboratory work. As a humanist entering the laboratory, Venkatesan Hays offers an analytical framework for viewing scientific values beyond achieving economic prosperity and through the lens of social justice. The book also enters into dialogue with Science and Technology Studies, discussing how social construction emerged as way of describing science.

Keywords: Science, Ethics, Culture

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 5.910MB). Book: Print (Paperback). Published by Science in Society, a book imprint by Common Ground Publishing.

Prof. Priya Venkatesan Hays


Priya Venkatesan Hays holds an A.B. from Dartmouth College, a M.S. in Genetics from the University of California, Davis and a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of California, San Diego. After her graduate studies, she completed an interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship at Dartmouth Medical School. Science, Cultural Values and Ethics is her second book. Her first book is entitled Molecular Biology in Narrative Form: A Study of the Experimental Trajectory of Science (2006, Peter Lang Publishing). A prolific science writer, she has authored over fifteen publications and thirty conference papers on science, literature and society. She has taught writing in the sciences at Santa Clara University and San Francisco State University.


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